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Mission Statement

Mastering Touch has developed a diverse and intimately intuitive approach to Massage Therapy. Our teachings are inspired by numerous talented mentors. We understand all modalities have their time and place.

Our ultimate goal is to empower our fellow practitioners and inspire a more hands-on, holistic and heartfelt approach to Health & Wellness. That's why we offer beneficial tools through live demonstrations and educational videos. All the recordings are now accessible in the Integrated Bodywork Library™. With hours of valuable content already available and more videos being constantly created, you'll always have new material to review.

Let Mastering Touch help you master your trade and grow your practice; join our advanced community and start developing unique skills now!

Product Description

As a Premium Member, you'll have unlimited access to the Integrated Bodywork Library™ which contains the following sections:

  • Webinar Recordings about rotator cuff, fascia, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, TMJ disorder, lower back, hip, neck, shoulder, forearm, jaw tightness, Reflexology, body mechanics, energy work, self-care...
  • Myofascial Work
  • Compression Stretching
  • Deep Tissue
  • Active / Passive Stretching
  • Reflexology
  • Energy Work
  • Body Mechanics
  • Self-Care / Homework
  • And more content that's uploaded on a regular basis...


"Perfect timing! I signed up last night and watched a few videos. Today, I had a new client who had hip / SI joint issues. I used some of what I learned and they gained some range of motion and noted less pain. They rescheduled - after not having a massage for a few years - and tipped me a lot. I'm so happy that I was more effective for them thanks to your library!" Isabelle.

"This plan is very convenient for me. I can watch the videos whenever I need to. They've helped me address specific issues with great success, like carpal tunnel or stiff neck. My clients always respond well to the techniques. Thank you Charlotte, you make it easy for me to study." Zach.

"I followed the protocol you show in one of the videos about the lower back. The person really felt a difference. I even experimented as suggested in the classes; I mixed different moves and modalities together. Subscribing to this database is worth it. After 17 years of practice, I'm glad I found quality continuing education like that." Drew.

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Premium Membership gives you unlimited access to the following sections:

Webinar Recordings
Myofascial Work
Compression Stretching
Deep Tissue
Active / Passive Stretching
Energy Work
Body Mechanics
Self-Care / Homework
More content added regularly...
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Integrated Bodywork Library™